Bernard Anderson
Senior Director, Finance

Bernard Anderson is a seasoned Finance and Business executive and entrepreneur with broad experience in Wealth Management, Business Development, Project Funding, Securities based financing and International Trade and Investments.  Moving forward and together with diverse global partners, he advises clients on maximizing the use of FinTech and Digital Technology to create solutions that make the world friendlier and economically more inclusive.

Specialties: Wealth Management, Investments, Securities Based Financing, Project Funding and International Trade and Finance .

Joe Mann
President, CEO

Joe Mann bring over two decades of Mastercard Issuing experience along with Capital Markets Trading and Treasury Management Services experience with a worldwide client portfolio. Having worked as a bank director, finance director and owner of several banking corporations, Joe's experince is not only diverse but in very high demand in mid markets.

Specialties: Corporate Bonds / Convertible Bonds / Preferred Shares / Common Shares / MTN / LTN, Derivatives and Hybrid Securities/ Bank Instruments / High Frequency Trading / Cash Management

Andre Skinner
Managing Director, Marketing

Andre has over 20 years of online marketing experience along with large scale corporate account management knowledge with publicly traded clients. Andre has also helped launch custom online banking systems and high level corporate securities web features.

Client Portfolio: Walmart, Tartisan Resources, PayTronics, Payment Gateway Inc., Whoosh Inc., Eurodale Developments, Integrated Media Solutions, Greenland Resources, Quest Rare Minerals, One World Treasury, Wabi Exploration, Hornby Bay Minerals, Duran Ventures Inc, Norvista Resources, Aurvista Gold Corp, Solvista Gold Corp., Highvista Gold Corp., Calvista Gold Corp., Cadman Exploration Inc.

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